5.11 Gear

511 Gear - Clothing - BootsIf you work in law enforcement, military, fire or emergency services, you live a fast paced, demanding, high pressure lifestyle. You require 511 gear that will keep up with you, no matter what the weather or environment brings. CHIEF is one of the most trusted, respected suppliers of 511 gear, providing law enforcement officers, military enlists, fire fighters, and other professionals.

Our inventory includes apparel, uniforms, footwear, supplies, and accessories from a number of different brands including Orion Safety, Pelican, Bianchi, Fire-Dex, 5.11 Tactical, and Saunders just to name a few. We carry only top brands that boast quality and longevity, both characteristics are highly important due to the demands of your job.

One of the main reasons why EMS and law enforcement professionals buy with us is because we offer one-stop-shopping. Our inventory is plentiful enough that you don’t need to look elsewhere for supplies. Everything from bug repellent to water bottles to hand and toe warmers, we have it all.

5.11 Gear is Time-Tested and Proven in the Field

When you work in physically demanding industries such as military and law enforcement, the last question on your mind should be whether or not your apparel and supplies can keep up with you. The folks at CHIEF certainly don’t think so which is why we have handpicked suppliers that are the highest quality in the market, with clothing designed and engineered with the strongest fabrics and materials to withstand rain, snow, and humidity. Our apparel is comfortable and breathable, carrying sizes made to accommodate individuals of all builds.

In order to perform to your best abilities and be prepared for any challenge your career throws at you, you need the quality and protection afforded to you by the apparel and accessories supplied by CHIEF. You no longer have to shop from a number of different vendors because CHIEF carries it all right here in one place!

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