5.11 Tactical Shirt

You can count on CHIEF to carry the top brands in safety apparel, including each different 5.11 Tactical shirt you like to wear on duty. Button-up twill shirts, professional polos and even long-sleeved ripstop shirts, we have them all at CHIEF. We even carry 5.11 Tactical recon performance shirts, tee’s and tight fit shirts, ideal for comfortable wear under a ballistic vest. When you need a shirt that has the endurance to go where you go and remain comfortable and intact as you do what you do, you know you’ll find it at CHIEF.

5.11 Tactical Shirt5.11 Tactical has built a reputation for creating high-quality clothing for military, firefighting and law enforcement professionals. 5.11 Tactical is always ahead of the curve in innovation and functionality when it comes to their gear and clothing. When your uniform needs an upgrade, whether it’s a 5.11 Tactical shirt, pants, footwear, outerwear or even gear, rest assured you’ll find it all at CHIEF. We take pride in providing you with the products that enable you to do your job without concern about whether your clothing is up to the task. Facilitating your performance every day with enhanced accuracy, speed and safety is what 5.11 Tactical is all about, and it’s a goal that fits right in with the focus CHIEF puts on customer care and satisfaction.

5.11 Tactical Shirts, Pants, Boots – Many Styles to Choose From

No matter what public safety field you’re in, let us outfit you head to toe with the active, tactical clothing and gear you need. Start with a 5.11 Tactical shirt and pants, and add on boots and an all-in-one jacket. CHIEF can even supply eyewear, knives, holsters and lights with quality to match the 5.11 Tactical clothing we carry. We know you rise to the challenge every day, so we rise to it, too, with the high-quality safety apparel you need.

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