A History of Black Friday

Back in the 1960s, Black Friday was an unenthusiastic term used by the City of Philadelphia Police department to describe the day each year between Thanksgiving and the Army–Navy Game when people liked to shop. Officers braced themselves as streets became overcrowded with shoppers and stores were nearly mobbed from opening to closing times.

The resulting traffic jams were hardly seen as a stimulus for good business, as traffic cops tried to control crowds and jaywalkers, who were dashing around on buying sprees.

CHIEF Supply is making shopping this Black Friday more painless, by offering special savings to internet shoppers, so you won’t have the hassle of facing heavy traffic and over-packed malls.

Save yourself the trouble of dealing with aggravating crowds and check out CHIEF Supply for special deals on all the Law Enforcement gear, EMS / Fire rescue equipment you need! Stop by our Gift Center for easy, last minute, budget friendly gift ideas.

On duty this Year for Black Friday? CHIEF Supply has everything you will need to control those sleep deprived crowds that will do anything to get their hands on that last T.V.

Products to help you control the shopping crowds:

emi3010_blue  EMI2010 53143-L2

Products to help with the violent shoppers:

sf8220-3_1 ASP22X 52CFT_1

Products for the injured shopper: (Unfortunately it happens every year)

K206-007--Ansi-XXV---Dlx---16PW FAK6060-Kit

Products just in case this shopping day gets really out of hand. (Not as common but you never know on Black Friday)

cpx2000 dt1088 CT100

Are you working this Black Friday? Leave us your comments on what gear you are planning on carrying!

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