ASP Tactical USB – The Perfect Backup Light

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) has introduced the Tactical USB, the world’s first rechargeable baton light. The Tactical USB easily attaches by removing the existing baton cap from any of the 3 million ASP Friction Loc Batons in operation worldwide. It is the shortest baton light on the market and adds less than 1.5″ to the baton’s total length.


The Tactical USB produces 100 lumens of brilliant white light and has a continuous run time of 45 minutes. For intermittent light, press down. For constant illumination, press down and forward.

View the Tactical USB product video:

This compact light allows officers to have a second lighting system on their person without adding much to their duty belt. This light is designed to withstand the stress a baton endures.  Daryell Harmon, ASP Director of Sales, ASP Trainer and Former Dallas Police Department Sergeant, recently used the Tactical USB in an eight hour baton course.

I put the Tactical USB through the wringer by using it on a 16″ Airweight Friction Loc Baton during the closed mode striking portion of the course. At no time did the light fail or the integrity of the unit become compromised,”

The Tactical USB is easy to recharge using a computer and the Retractable USB Cord provided. Any micro USB cell phone charger will also charge the light. Auxiliary car and wall chargers are available as well.

The Tactical USB is not the only product in the ASP line of lights that features the innovative USB technology. The Tungsten USB, Triad USB and Turbo USB run on 18650 Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries. They also accept two CR123A Lithium primary cells.  ASP calls this dual fuel technology. This is important if an officer is unable to charge their light or is about to enter a situation where they need to ensure their light has full battery power.

“The USB technology in general is an amazing feature,” said Heather Richards, ASP Trainer.  “The USB technology in the ASP line of lights makes recharging convenient and efficient without the expense of having to replace conventional batteries. I am able to recharge my light in almost any setting.”

Chief Supply has partnered with ASP to provide the latest technology for law enforcement officers to be successful and safe in any situation. Prepare yourself today.

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