The Best Injection-Molded Duty Holsters

Safariland has been making duty holsters for over 50 years and through the years the materials and processes have changed dramatically.  Some of these materials such as leather, kydex, and ballistic nylon are still being used to some extent but one process that has not been seriously pursued previously is injection-molded holsters…that is until now.

Safariland 7360 7TS Level III Mid Ride Duty Holster

Safariland 7360 7TS Level III Mid Ride Duty Holster

The issue with injection-molded duty holsters was that there simply wasn’t a material that would meet the specifications required by Safariland.  That all changed with the release of the 7TS series of holsters constructed of a material called SafariSeven™ manufactured by DuPont™.  SafariSeven™ is a proprietary nylon blend that is extremely abrasion-resistant, can be submerged in water indefinitely, exposed to below freezing temperatures, baked in an oven at 300 degrees and still maintain its shape and function.

To help explain the process a little more is Bill Rogers, a Team Safariland member and inventor of the 7TS series.

The 7TS series incorporates the proven retention systems already found on Safariland products, namely the SLS (Self Locking System) and ALS (Automatic Locking System).  They also use the standard 3-hole mounting pattern for ease of use.  There is a holster for all uses whether it is Duty, Tactical or Concealment.  Check out all of the 7TS holster options available and get yours today.

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