Blackhawk Gear

Blackhawk GearLaw enforcement officers and SWAT team members come up under some of the worst conditions in their every day jobs known to man. That is why you need the very best in tactical equipment to give you the edge you need to do the job, which is why at CHIEF Supply we carry the best tactical equipment lines so you can get all of the Blackhawk gear you need. Founded in 1993 by a former Navy SEAL, every piece of equipment in the Blackhawk gear line is engineered to make it so that you are never wondering if your gear is going to slow you down.

In your line of work you have to make decisions that will impact people for the rest of their lives in only a few seconds. You do not have time to wonder if your gear is going to hang up or slip. You need to know that you can perform under the direst of circumstances every single time. Blackhawk gear is designed to give you that peace of mind. Whether it is a vest, a nice pair of tactical gloves, or some simple shirts and pants that you need to complete your uniform, Blackhawk is the right answer, and there is nowhere better to make your Blackhawk gear purchase than right here at CHIEF Supply.

Blackhawk Gear  РCHIEF Supply Has is All

We started CHIEF Supply years ago because we saw a hole in the market. There was no real distributor of quality tactical gear to the masses of law enforcement officers and SWAT team members. You do not have time to test individual pieces of gear to see if they are going to meet your needs. But when you shop with CHIEF Supply, you simply do not have to. We partner with the very best manufacturers that provide combat gear that goes through rigorous testing before it ever gets to the consumer.  Now you can do your job without worrying about your latest tactical gear acquisition.

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