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Cyalume_Blog_post_1Emergencies are stressful, time sensitive, and usually dangerous situations. If you have dealt with an emergency in the dark, at night, or in poor visibility, you have experienced how difficult simple tasks become without proper lighting. Being useful and productive in these situations is central to a positive outcome. When the flashlight batteries die and you are stuck in the dark, you need an alternate, reliable light source.  CHIEF Supply has partnered with Cyalume to help you prepare for any low light emergency you will face.

Cyalume produces the highest quality Chemical Lighting solutions for the world’s top military and law enforcement agencies. They manufacture specific lighting solutions for multiple situations. Cyalume products come in different sizes, brightness, duration of usable light, and colors, including infrared.

Broc Siefert, Eastern Regional Sales Manager for Cyalume, came to the CHIEF Supply office in Charlotte earlier this week and provided us with a product training session on their new and existing products. “Cyalume products are made for serious people in serious situations”, Brock said passionately to begin his product training session with us.

Cyalume has an array of new products that are worth highlighting.

The ChemLight Military LightStick comes in a variety of sizes: Mini, 4”, 6”, 10”, and a 15” IMPACT Lightstick. They also come in seven different colors. Red, Blue, and Orange are recommended for use as markers. Green, Yellow, and White emit usable task lighting. They also offer an infrared Lightstick to authorized personal that glows only when viewed with night vision technology. The functions of these LightSticks range anywhere from an emergency light in a car glove box all the way to the battle field to be used to mark an enemies location.


Cyalume_Blog_post_SOS_3Cyalume also makes products for Search and Rescue. The SOS light is a must have for hikers and all outdoor enthusiasts. This product is uniquely designed for high visibility from a distance. The SOS light has a hard outer protective casing that, when opened, acts as a handle. Attached to the casing is a 30” lanyard with your choice of light stick threaded to the other end. When the user spins the device it forms a 4ft circle pattern of light that is distinctly visible from up to three miles from the air and one mile on land. The SOS light comes in an eight-hour green, a five-minute high intensity orange, and an eight-hour infrared.


Flair_alternativeThe 8” Ultra High-Intensity Flare Alternative is one step closer to extinguishing the need for the current dangerous incendiary road flare used by most Law Enforcement and safety workers. The current road flare in use is very bright, but has obvious shortcomings. Cyalume’s environmentally friendly, non-flammable, waterproof chemical lighting technology in the Flare Alternative is reliable for any roadside hazard. The High-Intensity Flare Alternative will shine bright in the hardest pouring rain and is also the light of choice in any hazardous or flammable liquid spills. Using generic road flares in certain situations will create even bigger problems. The Ultra High-Intensity Flare Alternative will soon be the go-to product for any roadside emergency.

CS-2377_Cyalume_165x135CHIEF is excited to be offering a Cyalume promotion for the month of October on the 6” SnapLight LightSticks. When you buy 15 LightSticks get an addition 5 LightSticks for free. To capitalize on this offer go to and place 20, 6” SnapLight LightSticks into your cart and you will receive a discount equal to the amount of 5 LightSticks.

Cyalume Lighting sold in the United States is made in the U.S.A and contains only chemicals made in the U.S.A.

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