Danner Hiking Boots

Danner Hiking BootsFor trails that are steep and rugged, Danner hiking boots have what it takes to get you from point “A” to point “B.” In fact, all the Danner tactical footwear we carry at CHIEF Supply is ideally designed and made for hiking through any territory you could imagine. From hot, dry and sandy to rough, rocky and uphill and even to icy tundra, the high quality boots in our footwear department can handle it all. Ensuring you’re outfitted, including your feet, for everything that’s sure to come your way on the job or outdoors is our goal at CHIEF Supply.

If you are looking for varied foot coverage and ankle support, you’ll find these features with Danner hiking boots. At CHIEF Supply, we know that different types of hikes will place different demands on your boots. For flat-surface hikes or ones that you won’t be carrying a heavy load, a boot that’s cut mid-ankle is sufficient. For hilly trails and multiple day hikes that have you packing in equipment and necessities, you’ll want more support from a boot that’s high-cut and hits above the ankle. Then there’s the mountaineering hikes, ones on steep hill and mountainsides that may not have trails at all. For those, you’ll definitely want 8 or 10 inch Danner hiking boots that are cut well above your ankle to provide maximum support and coverage.

Danner Hiking Boots and Other Hiking Equipment at CHIEF

You’ll find the perfect hiking boot at CHIEF Supply, no matter where the hike takes you. We carry leather boots as well as ones made from a combination of suede and denier nylon. You’ll find hot weather boots that have ventilation features and waterproof boots that are engineered to protect your feet from cold, wet conditions. Of course, all our boots have comfortable insoles to help take some of the stress of the hike off your feet. CHIEF Supply has the best hiking boots no matter where you’re headed. Happy Trails!

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