Dickies Tactical Shirts

For first responders, men and women alike, tactical shirts are functional pieces of clothing for any job. They are designed to fit comfortably but not so loosely that they get in the way. They typically sport several pockets, like a shirt version of cargo pants. When you opt for Dickies tactical shirts, you can count on getting the best features of the basic shirt design with some valuable extras courtesy of the Dickies brand.

Dickie Tactical Shirts

Dickies tactical long sleeve shirt is probably the most popular professional shirt in the line. Dickies raises the comfort level by adding breathability courtesy of the lightweight cotton/poly blend they are made from. This unique material is not only wrinkle resistant and water repellent, but it also wicks moisture away from your body to keep you cool in heated situations. In addition to the bellowed chest pockets on the front, these tactical shirts also have sleeve pockets, two hidden document pockets, and a loop for your sunglasses.

For even more ease of movement and comfort, you’ll love Dickies ventilated long sleeve tactical shirts. Made from super-durable RipStop material, this version of tactical shirt offers many of the same features as Dickies’ other tactical tops, such as the concealed button down collar and doghouse placket with adjusting cuff closures. They have mesh panels sewn in to add an element of ventilation to the moisture wicking quality of the material.

Dickies Tactical Shirts and Other Top-Rated Brands at CHIEF

Bringing you the best brands at the best prices is the goal at CHIEF. That’s why you will find Dickies shirts and other tactical clothing among the top brands at CHIEF. It is one of the names that law enforcement, first responders, firefighters, and even the military count on for work wear that is tough enough to endure whatever the day brings. For the best in tactical apparel at affordable prices, shop CHIEF.


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