Duty Boots – Police Week

For any police officer, a solid pair of Duty Boots is one of the most important pieces of daily wardrobe you can have. To endure those long days and foot pursuits, CHIEF provides many options of comfortable duty boots and tactical boots from Bates, Rocky, Belleville, Original SWAT and more.

Duty Boots - Police Week
It doesn’t matter if you’re on a tactical team, walking the neighborhoods, or other types of police activities or tasks… a good duty boot will help protect your feet and allow you to be on the move all day or night long. Our duty boots come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Whether you need desert color, black, gray… there are many types of boots to choose from online at CHIEF. 8″, 6″, tactical, side-zipped and much more. Come check out our selection of police and law enforcement duty boots online.

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