Edge Safety Eyewear Takes a Bullet from a .22 Caliber… and Remains Intact!

Direct from the Edge Eyewear Test Facility, watch Edge Eyewear take on a variety of dangerous challenges, and conquer them all. This series of videos depicts real circumstances in which the use of quality safety sunglasses could mean the difference between losing an eye — and remaining safe. Filmed in their test lab and in other outdoor environments that a law enforcement officer or public safety professional might find themselves in, each video demonstrates how Edge Eyewear can take a beating, and still protect the user from a tragic injury or accident.

Watch these safety glasses stand up to a bullet from a .22 caliber pistol, drop under a running lawnmower, handle a K-9 dog attack, survive a round from a shotgun, take a hit from an MMA fighter, get blasted by a nail gun, and even fall into a high-powered blender!

Visit Our Edge Eyewear Video Playlist:

All Edge Eyewear safety glasses are compliant with ANSI Z87+ 2010 & Military Ballistic MCEPS GL-PD 10-12.

Work Safe! Play Safe! Get yours now at CHIEF Supply.

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