Firefighter Gear

Firefighter GearFirefighter gear is such a specialized category of professional equipment that CHIEF Supply has an entire department devoted to firefighters alone. From stationwear to rescue gear and equipment, you will find it all at CHIEF Supply. With the extreme demands of your job, we know that you can’t just head down to the nearest department store and pick up uniform pants, shirts and boots. You need the apparel that will take you through a typical day — even when that day extends beyond an 8 hour shifts. That is why you will find base-layers, belts, rainwear and more from the top manufacturers at CHIEF Supply.

Being the tactical experts, we understand that firefighter gear includes never-fail equipment that will help you do your job efficiently and safely. With that in mind, we carry a wide selection of gear specifically for firefighters. Whether you are looking for fire blankets, extrication equipment, hoses or other accessories, you will find what you need at CHIEF Supply. Additionally, with brand names such as Wildland, CMC Rescue and Paratech, you know you are getting top quality for your dollar. It is all part of our commitment to bringing you the best clothing and equipment at the best possible prices.

Firefighting Gear, Helmets, Bags, Shirts and Pants… Online at CHIEF

For nearly 40 years, CHIEF Supply has been the company to go to for superior public safety equipment of all kinds. We are dedicated to providing quality products and service to ensure that you can meet the demands of your job with confidence. We’re always on the lookout for the newest products to improve our lines and offer you even more choices. It’s the reason you come to CHIEF Supply first for the new gear, clothing and equipment you need to do your job well. The lives of others count on you — you can count on CHIEF Supply for the firefighter gear that makes your job possible.

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