First Responders Gear and Fieldtex

Any fireman, police officer, or any first responder can tell you how important it is to have supplies and tools ready to go in case you are called out on an assignment. To ensure that you are ready to act in a moment’s notice, many first responders turn to brands like Fieldtex for their trauma kit and duffel bags.

First Responders Gear and Fieldtex

These bags were made with pockets and compartments that give you structure and allow you to find the supplies you need without a lot of fumbling around – the last thing you want to be doing in an emergency situation! The Fieldtex Red Trauma Kit for example is made from 1000D Nylon, which will maintain its shape and quality despite regular wear. Features such as an adjustable shoulder strap and comfortable, wide handles make this bag comfortable to run with on your shoulder or back. Again, organization is key when acting as a first responder, and the first responders gear by Fieldtex was designed with easy access in mind. Pockets are added on the inside and outside of the bag to carry everything from gauze to bandages to cold packets to antibacterial hand wipes.

Fieldtex bags are available in a number of sizes and for many different purposes. Some emergency preparedness bags are better for individuals working in the rugged outdoors or on camping trips, including items like a flashlight and survival whistle. Other bags are geared more toward emergency medical service professionals, who need basic medical supplies, including a blood pressure cuff or stethoscope. Whatever type of kit you are looking for, Fieldtex has a great option that will work for you.

As someone in a fast-paced field, where time is truly of the essence, you need supplies and gear that can keep up with you on the job. Fieldtex bags and medical kits are perfect for every type of professional.

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