Hi Visibility Safety Apparel

Work crews, law enforcement and emergency personnel require hi visibility safety apparel as a basic part of the uniform. Working at night and in inclement weather impairs visibility and puts you at risk while doing your job. With hi visibility safety apparel from CHIEF, however, you will stand out at night, in the rain and even foggy conditions. From pants to vests, raincoats and parkas and safety helmets, CHIEF has all the clothing you need to reduce the risk of injury and accidents no matter how dark the night or stormy the weather.

Hi Visibility Safety Apparel

Bright colors and reflective surfaces are what make the hi visibility safety apparel at CHIEF so effective. Lime green, brightest yellow and flaming orange are colors that will not go unnoticed. Add on several strips of reflective prismatic tape and you have clothing that will make you visible and keep you safe. The safety apparel we carry at CHIEF is heavy duty to last through the most demanding jobs and environments. However, we know that comfort is an issue no matter what the mission. To that end, many of our safety pants, jackets and other clothing are made with a special breathable material to keep you cool and comfortable while still making you visible to traffic and passersby.

Huge Selection of Hi Visibility Safety Apparel, Cones, and Accessories

You already trust CHIEF for the tactical clothing and gear you need for your demanding job, so it should be no surprise that we also have the safety apparel you are looking for. Though we cater to law enforcement, first responders and the military, anyone can shop CHIEF for the high quality clothing, equipment and gear we carry. That means that whether you need it for your job, or would just like to have durable apparel and gear for your rugged, outdoor lifestyle, you can get it all at CHIEF.

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