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It is that time of year, backpacking / hiking is in full swing and families, couples, friends, and groups are out hitting the trails. Mountains, desert, rolling hills and much more, there is so much to see and enjoy. But, not preparing before you hike is one of the biggest problems when people start to hit the trails.

Hiking and Backpacking Gear from at CHIEF

Wherever the trail takes you, make sure you are well-equipped and have the right gear for the terrain you plan on visiting. Too often people head out on a trail without bringing the proper hiking and outdoors gear, or wearing the right hiking pants, hiking shirts, hiking boots, and more. By choosing the best trail and hiking boots can make a difference in the number of blisters you come back with, or just being comfortable while you are hiking.

Simple Necessary Gear for Hiking and Backpacking

There are a few things that you can bring along the hike to make life much easier, and to be prepared for an emergency, or just to make sure you are covered for most situations. A good survival kit is something all hikers should have tucked away in their hiking backpacks. It could be the difference of making it out safe if you come across any problems, or have to spend a few unexpected nights in the wilderness. A good multi-tool and knife is great for many types of situations and having a good pair of sunglasses will help protect your eyes and face from the sun while blazing a path.

If you need to spot something from a distance, having a nice pair of reliable binoculars make perfect sense. A good set of binoculars, as in the Bushnell Legacy Binoculars, will help you spot danger, find the nearest extraction point, view wildlife from a safe distance… the uses are endless.

Out with the canteens, and in with the hydration packs. We have a good selection of hydration products that will keep you going on a long hike, or a hot day. We have replacement reservoirs, transport packs, and the popular Camelbak ThermoBak 3L Hydration Pack. It’s never been easier to keep well hydrated while hiking the trails.

Head over to our outdoors equipment and gear area of CHIEF. You’ll find some of the best gear available to keep you safe, and very affordable pricing. Shop online at CHIEF and save money, skip the traffic and lines at the store, and most importantly, get QUALITY OUTDOOR GEAR for backpacking and hiking that will last.

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