Hunters That Want the Best Gear – Stay Safe and Warm

In order to have a successful and safe hunting trip, you must invest in a few key tools and pieces of equipment first. Luckily, retailers like CHIEF have gathered all of the “must-have” hunting gear and items, online in one convenient place, allowing you to one-stop-shop for everything you need to have a great time on your upcoming hunting trip!

Hunting Supplies and Gear

Perhaps you are an experienced hunter with years of experience under your belt, or perhaps you are starting what will be a favorite pastime for years to come. Regardless, it is important to invest in a few key tools, like a knife tough enough to cut through a raw hide. The Tru-Spec T1 Survival Paracord Knife remains a tried and true favorite among experienced hunters. The design is discrete and sleek enough that it can be easily attached to your belt loop or slipped in the pant pocket. The knife itself is extremely lightweight and will be your “go to” in any survival situation you find yourself in while hunting.

Any hunter, camper, and hiker would be wise to invest in a Camp Alert Perimeter Security System. With the help of a signaling system, you will get an alert if anyone (person or animal) wanders onto your campground. The system also comes with a strobe light that will catch the attention of rescuers, if you find yourself in danger. The system is relatively small and also affordable so there is no excuse to not be 100% safe on your next trip.

For many men, a hunting trip is the ultimate relaxation. What can make it even better? Sharing a drink among friends is the ultimate, which is why you do not want to forget a carabiner/bottle opener on your next excursion. The carabinder allows you to easily attach and carry keys, carry water bottles, and other end is a bottle opener, which always comes in handy when you need to kick back with a drink.

Have you given any thought to how you plan to carry your ammo? One of the best ways to manage your ammo is with a Plano Tactical X2 1312 Field Box Holder, available through CHIEF. You will be amazed by how much can fit inside this secure bag. The adjustable padded shoulder strap makes the bad easy to carry through a long day of hunting, with minimal strain on your shoulder.



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