Hunting Season is OPEN for Most of Us!

Becoming an experienced hunter will require time, experience, and an investment in high quality hunting gear. No matter what your skill level, there are a few essential tools and pieces of equipment that will keep you safe throughout your trip. Many beginning hunters do not realize all that is required to participate in the sport, but when you invest in high quality apparel and hunting gear, you will only buy these items once, and they will serve a lifetime. Investing in quality hunting gear is also a matter of safety. Without adequate gear, you could be left unprepared in what is often dangerous terrain.

Hunting Gear Online

A Few High Quality Hunting Products To Take Along

The sport of hunting requires more equipment than you may have first considered. When you buy all of your gear through one single retailer, like CHIEF, you have the convenience of seeing all of the suggested gear we keep in our inventory, and choosing what is essential for your starter kit right now. A few “must have” items that prove to be popular with our customers year after year include the Life Gear glow LED lantern-6, which serves a dual purpose as an emergency flasher and nightlight. For any hunter who plans to go “off-grid” as well as camp overnight, a lantern with emergency signaling capability is essential. One feature of the LED lantern-6, which is sold through retailers like CHIEF is that it comes in a small, compact design, making it easy to carry in your daypack.

A headlamp is another “must have” for the hunter’s backpack. CHIEF carries a wide range of headlamps that vary in size, style, and price. A headlamp is smart way to stay safe while hiking, camping, caving, and hunting especially after sunset. Everyone has their own preference, but by and large most hunters agree that they want a led headlamp that is bright, offers a wide spotlight, clear options, and a long battery life.

A Plano tactical ammo can is one of the most important tools you could have. You never know what the weather will be like and it’s especially important to keep your equipment and ammo dry. On the Plano cans, you can rest assured knowing that the lid will securely close, and the handle allows for easy carrying.

The final essential item that every hunter must have is a knife combo. The Browning Black Label Tactical Cap Light and Knife Combo available through CHIEF is one of the best. Available at an affordable price, this knife was designed with a cap light and one of the toughest blades that will come in handy during your hunting excursion.

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