Infection Control in the Military

Protecting those who protect us

Infections can spread at home or overseas if you are not being careful during dangerous situations. It only takes a popped glove, or a spill to spread infections around any military hospital. In order for the front lines to be prepared, they should have certain items ready and available to use. We found this great review article that covers infection control in military hospitals that we feel is so relatable to this topic. In Infection Prevention and Control in Deployed Military Medical Treatment Facilities the authors mention that “Emphasis on infection prevention and control, including hand hygiene, isolation, cohorting, and antibiotic control measures, in deployed medical treatment facilities is essential to reducing these healthcare-associated infections.”

The infection control products the military needs

Our first suggestion is the Certified Safety Bloodborne Pathogen Personal Protection Kit put together by Safetec. This kit includes an eye shield, infection control mask, gown, a pair of nitrile gloves, antimicrobial towelette and a biohazard bag. This kit is considered to be both a pandemic and infection control product.

Before or after a surgery takes place in a military hospital the surfaces should all be disinfected to prevent the spread of any infections. Safetec Sanizide Pro Disinfectant sanitizes surfaces in 10 seconds and disinfects in 2 minutes. This product can help turn over your operating room in less time and prepare for the next essential surgery. This disinfectant/deodorizer is available in a ready to use spray and wipe form.

How to prepare for infections

The standards may change for different types of infections and new products may come to market to combat infections in military hospitals. As a part of your due diligence, continue to stay in the know on disease outbreaks and follow the guidelines from the Center for Disease Control as well as what the health care system dictates.

Safetec of America is a manufacture that we look to for the latest in infection control for the military as well as other industries. Everything that they make is made here in America. In 2017 they will be celebrating 25 years in the infection control business.

Source: Hospenthal, Duane R. et al. “Infection Prevention And Control In Deployed Military Medical Treatment Facilities”. The Journal of Trauma: Injury, Infection, and Critical Care 71 (2011): S290-S298. Web.

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