INFORCE is the Premier Brand of Light Emitting Equipment

INFORCE gear helps you shine some light wherever it is needed. INFORCE is the premier brand of light emitting equipment that law enforcement and the military rely on to enhance performance in multiple areas. The brand has over two decades of experience with laser and light emitting diodes, and it has perfected methods for controlling light and using it in a variety of ways. Whether your needs are simply lighting the way in dim or dark environments or needingĀ  some help with weapons manipulation and performance, INFORCE has the solutions, and you’ll find them at CHIEF.

INFORCE utilizes highly efficient LED lights in their lighting systems, ensuring maximum light output and long life for the bulbs. Choose the lumens you prefer, whether 300 available in the 6VT and 6VX flashlights, or up to 500 in the 9VX torch. Each one offers various features such as multiple modes including constant, strobe, momentary, and lockout, as well as vents to release heat for keeping the light cool, and convenient tail switches.

INFORCE pistol lights and weapon mounted lights

Additionally, INFORCE offers a selection of pistol lights and weapon mounted lights to enhance firearm-handling in poor visibility. They’re lightweight and you can choose weapon lights that emit a white beam or ones that offer both white and infrared lights. Additionally, the paddle switching systems are ambidextrous for easy activation.
CHIEF strives to provide the highest quality tactical gear for military and law enforcement, and is proud to be able to offer the same top brands to the general public as well.

Names like INFORCE have proven track records when it comes to performance and quality, and the prices you pay for these elite products at CHIEF can’t be beat. Whether you require professional gear for your job or for hobbies and leisure, come to CHIEF, where you’ll always find the best of the best.

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