Knives and Multi-Tools Online

Whether out in the field or on a leisurely camping or hunting trip, knives and multi-tools are extremely useful. You’ll find a wide selection of the best brands of both at CHIEF including Leatherman, Smith & Wesson and Sarge. These are the essential pieces of gear that should go with you into the wild, regardless of the occasion. You may prefer folding pocket knives or the multi-tools that have numerous implements that serve a variety of purposes; whether you need one or need them both, you’ll find them at CHIEF.

Hunting Knives, Fixed-Blade Knives, and More

Even outdoor novices are familiar with the multi-functional Leatherman tools. Boasting up to 18 tools in one instrument, you’ll never be without vital devices and utensils when you need them. In addition to housing two types of pliers, two types of wire cutters, a saw, bottle opener, bit drivers and files, the always useful Leatherman tool also includes up to 10 bits including Phillips, flat and hex tools. The blades and tools all lock, but the blades accessible from the outside can be easily opened with one hand. Only 4 to 5 inches when closed and weighing under 12 ounces, depending on which Leatherman you choose, you’ll take your multi-tool with you everywhere you go, and will be glad to have it on hand.

The Finest Selection of QUALITY Knives and Multi-Tools Online

Sometimes all you need is a blade; however at CHIEF we offer a selection of folding knives, fixed-blade knives, boot knives, rescue knives and even the accessories that go with them. Choose from serrated or non serrated blades, zipper knives, and folding and non folding styles. Whatever the job calls for, we have the knives you need. We even have handy hatchets and a variety of portable knife sharpeners to ensure your blades are their sharpest at all times. Shop CHIEF first for the indispensable knives and multi-tools you’ve been looking for.

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