Life Gear Kit

Life Gear is the leading brand in preparedness supplies. The premier product in the Life Gear line is the Life Gear Kit, designed for survival in catastrophic emergencies. These kits are ideal for having on hand at home, in automobiles and even in the office or for taking with you while camping or hiking.

The fanny pack kits are assembled to provide for one person for three days of safety and survival. They include such essentials as:

  • first aid kit
  • multi-function tool
  • thermal blanket
  • 3-day supply of food and water
  • hygiene kit
  • signaling mirror and whistle
  • all-weather poncho
  • leather gloves

The fanny packs also contain a pad of paper and a pen along with a waterproof document bag that is ideal for storing cash and other valuables.

Life Gear Kit Makes it Easy To Prepare Yourself

Life Gear KitThe Life Gear Wings of Life Kit incorporates all of the emergency and survival gear you will find in the fanny pack with additional features such as an emergency shelter tarp, a water reservoir pocket and numerous pockets for storage and carrying extra items. The Wings of Life Backpack is durable yet lightweight and is designed to be worn by both adults and children with cushioned shoulder straps for comfort.

The terrific thing about the Life Gear brand is that you can put together your own, custom survival kit. Start with one of the packs and add on other useful Life Gear products such as glow sticks, lanterns and flashlights. The Life Gear line brings you an unsurpassed level of quality that you want when preparedness is top priority. That is why Life Gear is one of the top sources of safety and survival at CHIEF. Whatever circumstances you are preparing for from emergencies to field deployment or a day exploring the wilderness, CHIEF has the supplies you need.

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