Looking for Dickies Pants?

Dickies have come a long way from the durable overalls of the past. Though the brand is still known for making tough, long-lasting work wear, you can now get everything from shirts and jackets under the Dickies brand. Dickies pants are especially popular items of tactical clothing for many types of jobs. They are practically tailor made for demanding occupations such as law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, and even military personnel. When the day is going to be difficult and challenging, Dickies can be counted on to see you through.

Dickie PantsDickies canvas tactical relaxed straight leg pant is made from 100 percent cotton canvas, these pants are heavier-duty and perfect for working in rugged terrain or around heavy machinery. The knees are reinforced but extra pads can be slid into the handy vent when you need added protection. The waistband is a triple gripper, so it’s comfortable while holding onto your shirt to keep it tucked in. A true cargo pant, these Dickies pants have plenty of pockets including one designed specifically for your cell phone.

Dickies Pants for All Types of Missions and Jobs

The lightweight Ripstop Tactical relaxed straight leg pant is another popular Dickie product. More comfortable in hotter environments, these pants are still made to meet the challenges of your day and with many of the same features as the canvas Dickie pants, including the reinforced knee and vents for additional padding plus a double seat for extra sturdiness.

If you shop Dickies, you already know it is a top brand that is tough to beat for quality. That is why it’s among the brands of tactical apparel at CHIEF. They look for the best of the best, and offer those reliable brands at amazing discounted prices. You can count on CHIEF for affordable Dickies work wear that lasts.

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