Mag-Lite Flashlights – When Nothing But The Best Will Do

When you’re talking to friends, or in need of a better flashlight, Mag-Lite always tops the discussion. Mag-Lite is one of the most popular flashlight brands sold anywhere. Made in the USA, you can be assured that the Mag-Lite is built to perfection, rugged, and incredibly bright. Used by many industries such as law enforcement, firefighters, military, hunters, hikers, campers, you name it… Mag-Lite is the trusted brand when it comes to any type of flashlight.

Mag-Lite Mag Charger LED Rechargeable Flashlight System

One of the best rechargeable flashlight systems around is the Mag-Lite Mag Charger LED Rechargeable Flashlight System. This system is very rugged and incredibly bright, a high-intensity LED flashlight that will not fail. It comes with a charging unit and NiMH battery pack, perfect for the times where you have to stay away from any power source and need a reliable source of light. This unit will shine a bright 643 lumens and has a beam distance of up to 1,335′.  It’s water and extreme temperature resistant with a programmable electronic switch allowing you to operate in a variety or modes/functions such as Power Save, SOS, Strobe, Full Power and more.

Mag-Lite Flashlight Systems – Built in the USA, Built to Last

You simply can’t beat Mag-Lite when it comes to buying a new flashlight or Rechargeable flashlight system. Mag-Lite has been a long time favorite of police and any type of tactical unit that has to be 100% confident that when they need a good light source, it will function and shine brightly. All Mag-Lite flashlights are designed and built in the USA. Check out the Mag-Lite products online at CHIEF and save money while at the same time, treating yourself to a quality flashlight system that will last for years.

Mag-Lite Flashlight

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