Peerless® Handcuff Company Celebrates 100 Years

PHC-Logo-w100-one-line-2Peerless® Handcuff Company was established in 1914 with a revolutionary swing through handcuff design that continues to be the industry standard.  The founder, James Milton Gill, was a businessman and a Police Commissioner for the City of Springfield, MA when he was approached with an opportunity by an inventor named George Carney.  George Carney’s innovative swing through design was light weight and easy to carry, rendering other types of handcuffs obsolete.

Recognizing the advantages, James Milton Gill purchased the patent rights and began selling the product under the Peerless® name.  The Peerless® Handcuff Company quickly became popular and their reputation as a leading supplier of high quality restraints still carries today. After the patent expired, the design was copied by most other handcuff manufacturers.Peerless-100-Years-Timeline_01

In 2001, Peerless® introduced its high security restraints which offer an alternative to the typical handcuff lock.  It incorporates a high security “dead bolt” lock, unique key plans and a registered key control system.  The Model P010 handcuff was introduced in 2007.  It is made overseas to the same specification as Peerless USA made product.  It offers a high quality handcuff for budget oriented decision makers.  In 2008, Peerless® introduced its color plated restraints.  Five colors are available in four different models.  The colors assist in property identification or subject classification.Peerless-100-Years-Timeline_02

The Peerless® Model 700 Chain Link Handcuff, Model 801 Hinged Handcuff, and Model P010 Chain Link Handcuff have been approved by the National Institute of Justice as meeting NIJ standard (0307.01) for metallic handcuffs.  All Peerless® products are backed by a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects.Peerless-100-Years-Timeline_03

Chief Supply has teamed up with Peerless® to offer these high quality products to those that serve and protect us day after day.  Peerless® products are used by law enforcement, corrections, security and military personnel across North America and countries around the world.  Get yourself a pair today…you won’t regret it.

“I really like my trusty Peerless 801’s. I’ve gotten into a couple of combative arrests with them and they performed flawlessly.”

“One of my coworkers has a pair of Peerless he got when he started in corrections 23 years ago and they still work great.”

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