The Super Secure Pelican Case

Pelican Cases – Simply one of the best on the market if you’re looking to protect your rifle, camera or any other sensitive equipment from shock, rain, hot weather and diverse conditions. Trusted by military, police, tactical units and anyone who has the need to protect their valuable gear, these cases can take a beating.

Pelican Cases It doesn’t matter what type of equipment you need to protect, Pelican has a case that will work for you. We carry the Pelican Transport Case, which is great for transporting and protecting larger items. Similar to the size of a normal storage box, but built for any condition. Some of the Pelican cases come with wheels, for that added usability and heavy hauling. The Pelican Guard box is perfect for batteries, ammo, and other sensitive equipment. Or, check out the Pelican EMS case, rugged, packed with everything you’ll need.

Not Just Pelican Cases, but Rugged Flashlights and EMS Gear

If you’re looking for EMS gear, we have the perfect Pelican 1550 EMS Case that is one of the best on the market. If you need to store or transport your rifle or weapon, we carry the Pelican 1750 case with wheels. The perfect choice for making sure your weapon arrives undamaged, ready to do it’s job.

Pelican FlashlightsWe also carry a wide assortment of Pelican flashlights. These flashlights are built for any type of situation. Anything from a small handheld compact LED flashlight, to a Pelican Little Ed LED Recoil flashlight. We have large flashlights, lithium tactical flashlights, and large Big Ed Alkaline flashlights. Pelican’s commitment to quality “shock-proof” gear is unmatched. More professionals carry a Pelican case to make sure the gear they rely on day to day, arrives safely and performs when needed.

Head over to our Pelican shop online, check out our pelican cases, gun cases, and flashlights. You’ll find incredible pricing on incredible products by Pelican!

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