Police Training Equipment

In an age of budgets getting slashed and burned, getting the correct police training equipment for an affordable price can make a big difference for your department. Quality equipment at the right price is something that is so difficult to find, but when it can be found many departments like to stock up. At CHIEF Supply, we believe that all of the equipment that law enforcement officials need should be affordable, high quality pieces of equipment, but this especially is true of the police training equipment lines that we carry. While you can find a lot of the brands we carry in other stores, you will never find prices or deals that beat our commitment to law enforcement officials around the country.

Having the Right Police Training Equipment Makes the Difference

Police Training EquipmentAs police officers, you know that the right piece of equipment at the right time makes a huge difference and can even mean the difference between life and death. The same is true of your police training equipment. Training equipment is tricky, because you want your officers to train with equipment that is lifelike, but will not punish failure or misuse immediately, which is why the ASP line of training gear is so popular. Equipment like the ASP baton or ASP Red Gun (in several models) works great for training for exactly this reason.

ASP training gear is modeled after their real world counterparts, so your officers can practice disarming techniques, weapon retention, and even sudden assault training without the danger that real knives or live firearms pose. With real world contouring and similar weights, your officers will know exactly what to do when they encounter these items in the field. They say that practice makes perfect, and with the right training tools you can find at CHIEF Supply, your officers will be field ready in no time for a price that every department can afford.

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