Your own personal, portable power plant – POWERSYNC

Bushnell has made the POWERSYNC line so it can be charged anywhere, anytime.  Set these items out on a sunny day and in no time you have the power to charge any device with a USB input.  If you decide that you want to pre-charge the items at home before a trip you can do so using the Micro USB input.

The SolarBook options have durable, flexible solar panels that fold up into a compact protective case for easy storage and transport.

SolarBook_Closed SolarBook

The SolarWrap options have an integrated protective case that the solar panels roll up into and when fully contained are about the size of a large water bottle or small enough to fit in your pocket.

SolarWrap_PP1010_Cat2 SolarWrap_PP1040_PP1025_Cat2 SolarWrap_PP1010_Open SolarWrap_PP1010_Cat1 SolarWrap_PP1025_Open SolarWrap_PP1040_In-Use SolarWrap_PP1040_Open Solar Wrap


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