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When you shop Propper Jackets at CHIEF, you get tough, durable outerwear designed to take you into battle. Not many people need their coats to last through actual combat but, if your jacket is designed for that level of activity, you know you can count on it to handle anything else that comes your way. The fact is that the Propper brand has specialized in manufacturing standard combat uniforms for nearly 50 years and, though the military no longer uses official battle dress uniforms, Propper still continues to produce tactical clothing that is as hard-wearing as it is functional.

Shop Propper Jackets at CHIEF

The terrific thing about the jackets you get from CHIEF is that they offer a range of different types. No matter what your day may bring, you can choose the Propper jacket, coat, vest, or sweatshirt to fit the job. Jackets and vests are made from sturdy, lightweight material that keeps you insulated from cold, wet conditions without weighing you down. Zip-front and pullover sweatshirts are constructed out of slick, soft and warm fleece fabric that resists pilling. Because they’re tactical apparel, Propper coats and vests are made with built-in ID panels and loads of pockets including magnetic closure compartments for weapons.

For almost as long as Propper has been putting out top-quality clothing capable of going into battle, CHIEF has been supplying top brand apparel to the military and public safety industries as well as the public. They carry hundreds of brands in addition to Propper, and strive to deliver quality customer service alongside their quality products. Whether you need strong and sturdy clothing for your job, or just like knowing that the jackets, pants, and other apparel you buy can take everything your rugged lifestyle dishes out, CHIEF has all the tactical gear and clothing you are looking for and more.

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