Quality Knives & Multi-tools – A Cut Above The Rest

Knives & Multi-tools, one of the most essential “tools” or gear that spans across many uses, jobs, duties, and more. Having the right knife or multi-tool can be the difference of getting out of a bind, basic survival, or self-defense in a combat engagement. There are many brands, many styles of good hunting, tactical, and every day use knives. Depending on your needs, we have exactly what you’re looking for.

We carry some of the finest knives available online, or in a store. Brands including Smith & Wesson, Timberline, Sarge Knives, 5.11 Tactical and more. Folding knives, Neck Knives, military and police knives, and even the trusted hunting knives. It doesn’t matter what type of knife you’re looking for, we have a huge selection of top-quality, trusted-brand knifes.

Quality Knives, Multi-Tools, Fixed-Blade, Daggers, Boot Knives and More

Our selection of multi-tool knifes is unmatched in style and quality. We carry multi-tool knives from the ever popular Gerber (Gerber Pro Scout Multi-Plier Multi-tool), Leatherman (The Wingman Stainless Steel Multi-tool, the Charge ALX 18-in-1 Multi-tool, the Sidekick Multi-tool, and more), and other perfected styles that will get you out of just about any bind.

Huge Selection of 5.11 Tactical Knives Online

The 5.11 Tactical Side Kick Boot Knife is one of the most-used boot knives in use. Quality and perfection is built into every 5.11 tactical knife. We carry many types and styles of 5.11 Tactical knives including the Side Kick Rescue Tool, duty knives, folding knives, daggers, the recurve and much more. 5.11 Tactical is one of the most trusted brands in regards to tactical knives and multi-tools.

Shop online at CHIEF and save money while at the same time having a huge selection of top-quality knives for you to choose from. Our online selection matches just about any sporting or hunting store selection, nothing but the best selection and quality of beautiful knives at CHIEF Supply!


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