Rothco Backpack

Rothco BackpackWhen the terrain is rugged and there’s no time to stop, your Rothco backpack makes it easy to carry the necessities and access them on the go. The Rothco Tactisling transport pack from CHIEF Supply with its specially designed shoulder strap holds the pack like a sling to allow you to smoothly swing it from your back so important contents and compartments are front and center. That’s a feature that comes in handy when there’s no place to stop and sort through your pack. When Rothco created this particular pack, they thought of everything, including multiple hidden compartments, handles for carrying as well as straps for wearing, and the pack and straps are padded for your comfort.

At CHIEF Supply the Tactisling isn’t the only Rothco backpack we carry. Since the early 1950s Rothco has been leading the industry in military, outdoor, survival and tactical products. The attention to detail and level of quality fits right in with our mission to bring you the best of the best tactical gear. That’s why at CHIEF Supply you’ll find a Rothco backpack for almost any situation. From basic backpacks to hydration packs, GI-style duffels to parachute cargo bags, we have them all.

Rothco Backpacks, Boots, Cargo Bags and More

When you come to CHIEF Supply for tactical gear, you’ll find all of the top names including Rothco. We carry the brands you know and trust for long wearing durability and products that are tough enough to follow you through the rigors of your demanding public service or military job. Since 1977, we’ve specialized in providing you with the gear and clothing made especially for law enforcement and military use, so we know the elements you look for when shopping for sturdy, reliable apparel and equipment. Whatever gear you need, whether it’s a pack, outerwear, gadgets or electronics and more, come to CHIEF Supply for the best products and prices.

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