Safariland Duty Belt

Safariland Duty BeltVersatility is important when you work in a tactical unit because you simply never know what you are going to come face to face with every day. Being prepared for anything is the norm, which is why the Safariland duty belt is such a great choice for any tactical officer. Think about it, you need different items for a drug raid than you would need for just a regular beat, so you want a duty belt that can handle all sorts of different equipment. The Safariland duty belt line is just the ticket. You can customize your duty belt to carry whatever you need, and Safariland has several different kinds of accessories to ensure that you are carrying whatever equipment you deem essential.

Safariland carries it all, whether you need extra mags with the double mag pouch, baton and flashlight holders, or a combination mag and handcuff holder. Every officer has a different style and a different load out when it comes to their equipment. The excellent line of Safariland duty belts ensures that you get exactly what you need. When you go with Safariland for your duty belt, you know you are getting a product that will last. Product failure when you are putting your life on the line is not an option which is why Safariland is such a trusted brand name.

Safariland Duty Belt and Gear – Affordable Online Selection

Getting that gear at an affordable price is important as well. At CHIEF, you are sure to get the best deals on all your equipment, including a new Safariland duty belt. The right kind of equipment should not cost an arm and a leg. We specialize in getting the best equipment for the best prices for the men and women who keep us safe every day. When it is time to get new equipment for your tactical position, just think CHIEF.

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