Safariland Duty Gear

Safariland Duty GearAnyone in law enforcement can tell you that Safariland duty gear is one of the most well-known names in the industry. Whether you work in law enforcement, corrections or security, Safariland is the front-name brand that represents other top-name brands including Hatch┬«, Forensics Source┬«, American Body Armor and more. Chief recognizes the high quality Safariland stands for, and that’s why they’re on our roster of premier products for the public safety industry. With our focus on providing support to those who serve and protect, it’s only logical that we would carry Safariland duty gear.

Chief knows that it’s essential that you have a choice in types and designs for your duty gear. Not all concealed carry accessories are created alike, just as there are different holsters, duty rigs and a variety of tactical accessories. Variety in choice is what we love about Safariland, and we’re sure you appreciate it, too. The selection they provide is amazing, and stocking Safariland has allowed us to ensure that, whatever you need in the way of duty gear, you’ll be completely prepared for your job, no matter what the day brings.

Many Types of Gear Including Safariland Duty Gear

We specialize in professional apparel and accessories for law enforcement, military and firefighters, but Chief’s second specialty is customer service. When you order Safariland duty gear or anything else from us, your order will be shipped immediately and should arrive within one to five business days. You can always check your order status on our website, but our customer service representatives will be happy to talk to you over the phone, too. When your job in tactical, security or public safety requires professional gear such as body armor, holsters, rigs, ballistic vests or armor, count on Chief for the high-quality products you know you can count on to do your job and do it fast, safe and efficiently.

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