Safariland Holsters

Safariland  HolstersChief is home to Safariland holsters, some of the most intuitive, secure, and finely constructed holsters on the market. If you are a law enforcement or military official, having a secure and dependable holster for your gun is key in feeling confident on the job. Safariland holsters are made to accommodate a number of different firearm types, manufacturers, and models of different guns. The good news is that you don’t have to go out searching for these gun holsters on your own. Chief is one of the main suppliers of high quality tactical clothing, accessories, footwear, and other gear, allowing professionals in high intensity, demanding fields to focus on one thing and one thing only – performing to the best of their abilities without having to worry about whether or not their apparel and tools can keep up!

Safariland holsters boast some of the best reviews among brands on the market, as professionals rave about their intuitive and natural construct. We carry a number of different models and designs, something to fit every professional’s preference. Holsters can be worn tight across the hips, comfortably and naturally. We also carry Safariland holsters that attach to the leg as well.

Not Just a Holster – But Safariland Holsters

If you are a security or law enforcement professional, there is no reason to look elsewhere for your apparel, tools, and accessories. We understand that in order to do your job, you need quality equipment that can take you through any task your assignment requires, which includes tough terrain and intense weather conditions. Safety is another concern lingering on the minds of many professionals who are required to work in demanding situations. The Safariland holsters are sturdy and secure, yet they are also flexible enough to move with you and sit comfortably on your body.

Chief carries Safariland holsters because of their impeccable design and find craftsmanship. We are confident that they will take you through your next assignment with ease and comfort.

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