Similarities Between Police Officers and Hunters

From the Precinct to the Peak: Gear Similarities Between Police Officers and Hunters

Ready for Patrol Police Gear Checklist

Base Layers

Let’s start at the base. Comfort is very important for both hunters and police officers, and that comfort starts with good base layers. For example, Under Armours‘ unbeatable moisture wicking technology is an invaluable addition whether you’re in the line of duty or out on the mountain. Good base layers can help you stay dry and comfortable under the worst of conditions without adding a lot of extra bulk.


Whether trailing a suspect or tailing a deer, you’re going to want good, comfortable footwear that can keep up with the demands of your life. Remember: this isn’t an area to skimp on. Your feet won’t thank you for saving a few bucks when you’re several hours into a shift or a hunt that you’ve spent mostly on your feet. Also, uncomfortable boots mean that your attention is on your feet and not on the task at hand.

Knives & Multi-Tools

On duty or on leave, there are a 1001 ways that a good knife or multi-tool can come in handy throughout your day. From prying doors and windows to cutting jammed seat belts, your on-duty life demands a quality blade that won’t bend or break under pressure. Off-duty, you’ll want a high-quality tool that can help with everything from rope cutting to field dressing.

Binoculars, Sights & Scopes (Oh my!)

Quality optics are a big part of any endeavor where your ability to see is tantamount to success. For this reason, your patrol car should have binoculars in it so that you can read warning signs or assess a situation at a distance, and your hunting kit should have a pair for similar reasons. There’s no better way to come home unsuccessful than to scare off the prey you didn’t know was there. Don’t forget sights and scopes. These tools can also be critical to your success.

Cops and hunters are tough, and they need gear that’s as tough as they are. Buying quality gear can mean the difference between success and failure. Don’t get stuck with second best.

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