Stoffel Seals

Stoffel SealsEngendering pride in public service in youth is easier done when you make it real with Stoffel Seals. Stoffel is the company that’s known for its craftsmanship, high-quality supplies and top-of-the-line service when it comes to badges and shields. However, Stoffel is now the go-to company for junior and kids badges, and you can get them exclusively at CHIEF. Wildlife Refuge Managers and Park Rangers, firefighter and police officer shields, even deputy sheriff stars are available in durable plastic with pin attachments to spread your message and make it a reality for youth.

The terrific thing about Stoffel Seals badges and shields is that many can be customized to make them even more official for the young folks. Put your city or county name on them. Create a special junior officer or hero badge to present to extraordinary kids or give out to groups during facility tours, community fairs or school appearances. They’re terrific keepsakes that reinforce your awareness message to kids, whether it’s fire safety, crime prevention or emergency responsiveness. They not only give youth something to remember, but they can boost confidence and encourage camaraderie with and respect for public safety officials.

Stoffel Seals – Look and Work Great – Check out our Selection

You already come to CHIEF for quality professional apparel and gear, so you know you can count on us to provide promotional materials such as Stoffel Seals that will be long-lasting and look great. As with all the stock you’ll find at CHIEF, you’ll get great prices, too. We strive to bring you the best products at the best prices, as part of our commitment to serve those who served us first. Whether you need a supply of kids badges for handouts or are looking for tactical clothing an accessories, come to CHIEF first. With all the brands you already know and trust, we know you’ll be back again and again.

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