Looking for the Best Way to Cover Your Tattoos While at Work?

Tat Jacket - Shop NowYou love your tattoos, but not everyone does, nor do some employers. Many tattoos are located on the arm, the legs, the back of the neck… and this leads to companies, and other agencies having to place policies for employees not to have their tattoos visible. So, now the question is “how do you easily hide your tattoos when you can’t have them showing? In the past, there have been only two solutions: covering up or complete tattoo removal. Covering tattoos with long sleeves can be uncomfortable and restricting, especially in physically demanding jobs like police or medical work. Tattoo removal is painful and incredibly expensive.

The Best Way to Cover Your Tattoos!

The Tat Jacket is a lightweight, breathable fabric that completely covers the appearance of a tattoo. The Tat Jacket is flexible, functional, and can be worn with any work uniform. Besides providing complete coverage, the Tat Jacket also provides protection from sunlight and UV rays, which is beneficial for the longevity of your tattoo and the health of your skin. CHIEF provides many color options to match any skin tone, and a variety of sizes to hide anything from a small tattoo to a complete sleeve tattoo.


Another fantastic option for covering a tattoo is CHIEF’s Tattoo Concealer. This is an easy-to-use makeup concealer that is applied directly to the tattooed area, completely blending it with your natural skin. The Tattoo Concealer works on all types of tattoos and can hide any color or shape. Made with the best quality ingredients, this concealer is made to last all day and will not smudge or rub off. Best of all, CHIEF also offers products that benefit your tattoo art, such as Moisturizing Tattoo Lotion, Vibrant Tattoo Shine Spray, Hydrating Tattoo Cleanser, and an Aftercare Kit for New Tattoos. Tattoos are often personal and meaningful, and these products help you maintain the long-lasting vibrancy and health of your tattoo.


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