The Touchscreen Solution


Because touchscreen devices seemed to explode into our everyday lives, it seems like this technology must have recently undergone a revolutionary breakthrough that moved it from science fiction movies to everyday day life.  In fact…that couldn’t be further from the truth.

UTS100The thinking behind the touchscreen technology has been evolving for more than 45 years.  The first finger-driven touchscreen device was invented in 1965 by E.A. Johnson.  Recent innovations in materials and circuit miniaturization are what have accelerated the widespread use we see today.  Touchscreens are the input device of today.  They are everywhere – restaurants, ATMs, gas pumps, computers, tablets and cell phones.

So why is a solution necessary for a technological breakthrough that has become so common today?  Think about people that are required to wear gloves to protect their lives and, in turn, yours.  Law Enforcement officers largely  have a unique problem.  The touchscreen devices that we have come to enjoy cannot be used when a key piece of equipment, the glove, is on…that is until now.

TUG100CHIEF Supply has partnered with several manufacturers to offer a glove for all situations.  There are duty gloves, patrol gloves, tactical gloves, cut resistant gloves, hard knuckle gloves and cold weather gloves…all with the capability to work with touchscreen devices.

Check out some of these options from 5.11 Tactical, HWI Tactical & Duty Design and Hatch and find the pair that fits your needs.

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