Tru Spec Pants

Tru Spec PantsWhen it comes to battle dress uniforms, few manufacturers can match the quality of Tru Spec pants and other tactical response clothing. Specializing in military and police apparel, Tru Spec fits perfectly with the public service uniforms and gear that we carry at CHIEF. The secret to Tru Spec’s innovative designs is that they keep their hands on the pulse of public safety professionals around the country, always seeking to improve their already high-quality on-duty and off-duty wear. They don’t simply copy designs from other manufacturers. Tru Spec considers what features will facilitate function and will be comfortable as well as durable. That attention to detail and excellence is exactly why you’ll find their products at CHIEF.

You may already know that Tru Spec pants, duty t-shirts and tactical shirts and hats are endorsed by actual military personnel. People such as Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Erney, USMC (Retired) approve of and wear the Tru Spec brand. That’s because of the comfort the clothing provides while still allowing the wearer to execute his job in an efficient and safe manner. It’s also the reason CHIEF is proud to include Tru Spec pants and apparel in our extensive stock of public safety apparel and gear.

CHIEF Carries Top of the Line Tru Spec Pants

At CHIEF, we know that you want quality service along with quality products, so we not only provide you with a wide selection of the best tactical gear and clothing available, but we also go overboard on customer service. With the positive feedback we get, such as repeated comments of “outstanding,” “fast!” and “easy to work with,” we know we’ve hit our mark. We know you’ll only have to order from us once and you’ll be back again and again. Whether you’re a firefighter or in the military or law enforcement, you can count on CHIEF for the apparel and gear your tough job requires.

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