Water-Jel, Good for any burn.

Ever watched your daughter or wife curl or straighten their hair? What would you do if she accidentally touches her head or hand to her 300˚ straightening iron? The scenario played out in my head and I found that I would be of little use to her as she would be in extreme pain and severely burned.

Ever seen a forearm or face burn from one of these devices? I have, and they can cause severe burns. Are you prepared, at home, for a burn like this? Bryan Newberry from Water-Jel was at the CHIEF Charlotte office doing a burn kit product training last week. I had a chance to sit down with him and ask about some of Water-Jel’s burn kits. I asked him if Water-Jel products are only for fire fighters? He reassured me that Water-Jel products are good for any kind of burn heat, chemical, electrical, etc.… These products are not only useful in the back of a fire engine or ambulance, but also in a cabinet or drawer around the house or in your work place.

The comfort of knowing that when my wife or children burn themselves on the oven, stove, lawn mower, curling iron, straightening iron, clothing iron, coffee pot, or anything that heats up in our house, I know exactly what I will do and how I will treat the burn. Don’t get stuck putting a Band-Aid on a burn, use Water-Jel to stop the burn.

See all Water-Jel products, and get the burn kit that fits your life.

Thanks to Bryan Newberry from Water-Jel for coming and teaching us the importance of having an burn kit readily available.


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