XGO Tactical Baselayer Apparel

First responder professions require top performance at all times. If you expect to perform your best, you need a good foundation, specifically in your clothing and baselayers. XGO apparel is one of the top names in baselayer clothing for its quality and comfort, and it is the brand’s reputation that makes it a perfect fit at CHIEF. Made in the USA, XGO pieces are ideal for layering to maintain comfort and movement through changing conditions. In many climates, a day that starts out frigid can be sweltering by the afternoon, and layering with XGO allows you to start out bundled for warmth but remove pieces as necessary as temperatures rise.

XGO Tactical Baselayers
You’ll appreciate the variety of choices you have when shopping XGO baselayers. From true undergarments such as Phase 1 FR Boxer Briefs which are fire retardant and Power Skins Compression Shorts that help increase stamina and reduce fatigue, to Phase 1 FR Relaxed SS Tees and Phase 2 FR Relaxed Pants, XGO baselayers are designed for maximum comfort and optimum performance, no matter what temperatures or conditions you endure. Even the Flame Retardant apparel is constructed to wick moisture away from your skin and allow it to breathe so, though your days may be active and with infrequent breaks, XGO baselayers will keep you comfortable.

We Carry The Best of the Best with XGO

CHIEF carries a wide range of XGO pieces to outfit both men and women head to foot. Pants, shirts, boxers, briefs, bras, caps, neck gaiters, balaclavas, and more, you will find the layers you need for staying in control of your comfort, even when you don’t have the option of controlling your surroundings. XGO is the ideal complement to the tactical clothing you’ll find at CHIEF, and the affordable prices mean you can feel free to load up your shopping cart. Come to CHIEF for the best tactical apparel at the best prices.

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